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The Web Carpintería Industrial Binéfar S.A. with C.I.F.: A-22014641 use interactive solutions that facilitate user navegation and make product presentation more attractive.

These interactive aplications that are used, do not perform the following actions:

  •     Take user information.
  •     Save the user's private information.
  •     Install unwanted software by the user.
  •     Take control of the user's machine.
  •     Download programs to control or monitoring behavior (Cookies).

The site has installed a traffic analysis program. This program allows you analyze usage statics and web browsing preferences (screen resolutions, browser types, so on), but never reliably indentity the user who accessed the information.

Carpintería Industrial Binéfar S.A. not store any personal information by access the site.

If the user uses the existing links to sending mail Carpintería Industrial Binéfar S.A. not save or detects the direction of origin. Only functionality is enabled for sending mail, open the mail window and the user is who decides whether to send your e-mail as a way to contact Carpintería Industrial Binéfar S.A..

Carpintería Industrial Binéfar S.A. do not store any mail direction. Always answer using the replay option to the origin direction that has generated/sended the message.

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